Moonlight Bead Bracelet

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Meet our stunning Moonlight Bead Bracelets! You will absolutely LOVE these iridescent beads as they reflect light and create magical effects!

Moonlight is essential to the lifecycle of sea turtles. Turtle hatchlings emerge from their nest at night in search of the ocean's water. They must choose which direction to crawl by searching for the brightest open horizon, which is usually the water illuminated by the moon! 

Just like all of our bracelets, each comes with information about your sea turtle with a link to access their tracking map and 15% of profits are donated to sea turtle conservation efforts.


- 100% Waterproof
- Hand-Made Using Lightly Wax-Coated Cotton
- 6mm beads
- "KoaKoa" Charm & "Turtle" Charm
- Fits All Wrist Sizes(adjustable from 2-5 Inches in diameter)

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Follow Your Turtle's Journey

Each bracelet comes with details about your rehabilitated turtle including their name, rescue story and access to their GPS map so you can follow their journey!


We are proud partners with Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium located in Sarasota, FL. Mote is a global leader in marine conservation, research, and education. Their Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Hospital has cared for sick and injured sea turtles for more than 25 years!